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Coaching & Consulting

Working closely with a photographer in regards of the goals and needs that will be identified at the beginning of the collaboration. Long term mentoring and consulting as needed.

Packages specifically aimed at photographers:

Getting started: Reach out via and let me know how I can potentially help you. The more specific you can be at this point, the better I can assess the situation. As a next step, we will schedule a video call to discuss possibilities and next steps in person.

Consulting package 1 (2 – 4 hours): We will work on the following questions: Where are you in terms of your career at this point, what are the strengths and weaknesses of your project in development? What are the topics and projects close to your heart and why? Where do you want to take the project in question, what are your objectives and the next steps that are required to achieve them?

Consulting package 2: Building on the information we gathered during our first sessions, your work will be subject to a deeper analysis, career goals will be defined and strategies will be developed accordingly. Your potential as a photographer will be carefully crafted and will result in a clearer vision as to ‘next steps’.

Also, I am happy to coach and advise you regarding your professional performance at portfolio reviews and at other occasions, considering strategies and meeting the right experts for your objectives at the time.

Quick Fix: This unit can be booked any time after our first conversation and refers to purposeful 30-minute consultations via phone or email.



Selecting and organizing photographs around a given theme for digital and / or physical presentations. Conceptualizing exhibitions to fit specific requirements within a given time frame and budget.

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Speaking Engagements

Opening exhibitions, moderating artist talks, guiding a selected clientele through photography & art shows.

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Portfolio Reviews

In these one-on-one meetings, I share my expertise which enables focused, honest critical engagements with photographers on their individual projects within a short time frame.

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Workshops  / Teaching

Introducing the nuts and bolts of photobook publishing, editing & sequencing bodies of work, case studies, PR and marketing strategies, building networks.

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Writing tailor-made texts about projects and / or exhibitions.

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