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my background

My practice began with my interest and study in Art History, earning my Master’s at the University of Heidelberg, a beautiful town famous for its University, castle – and Offset printing machines. It seemed like an obvious next step that I would move into the world of fine art publishing.

After finishing my studies in 2001, I began my career working with Kehrer Verlag, an independent publishing house renowned for its high-quality photography books and fine art publications. There, I gathered a wide range of experiences in the fields of PR, distribution, project management and finally: book making.

In my last position as Acquisitions Editor, I was responsible for selecting and acquiring new photography projects and broadened the spectrum of titles. Furthermore, I was an invited expert to portfolio reviews and juror at many international festivals and competitions, a task that enabled me to develop an incredible network of photographers and professionals working in the field which has allowed me access to other makers and experts.

It is my passion to see the individual strength in any photography project and to help the artist develop their projects in a way that will reflect their authenticity in the work they are creating.

While maintaining connections to Kehrer Verlag, I will use my experience and vast network to advise and connect photographers independently, finding the best match for both sides: artist and institution.

During my time as a member of the core team at Kehrer, I worked with and / or initiated the following projects (selection):

Peter van Agtmael, Buzzing at the Sill
Jessica Backhaus
Christoph Bangert, War Porn & Hello Camel & Rumors of War
Lillian Bassman & Paul Himmel, House of Photography, Deichtorhallen Hamburg
Magda Biernat & Ian Webster, The Edge of Knowing
Chris Buck, Presence
Clement Chapillon, Promise me a Land
Hannah Collins, Catalog Sprengel Museum, Hannover
Jess T. Dugan, To survive on this Shore
Joshua D. Greer, Somewhere along the Line
Fresh Air Smells Funny, An Exhibition with Selected Urban Artists, Ed. Rik Reinking
Jane Fulton Alt, The Burn
Miyako Ishiuchi Hasselblad Award 2014, Hasselblad Foundation
Runa Islam, Kunsthaus Zürich
Hosam Katan, Yalla Habibi - Living with War in Aleppo
Alain Laboile, At the Edge of the World, Summer of the Fawn
Saul Leiter Retrospective, House of Photography, Deichtorhallen Hamburg
Anni Leppäla, hyle / curtain / backdrop
Billie S. Mandle, Reconciliation
Malerei in Fotografie, Städel Museum
Yvonne Most, Die Erinnerungen der Anderen
Sol Neelman, Weird Sports I & II
Emily Shur, Super Extra Natural
Dotan Saguy, Venice Beach & Nowhere to go but Everywhere
Stéphane Sednaoui, Search and Rescue at Ground Zero
Raimond Pettibon, V-Boom, Kestner Gesellschaft Hannover
Rutsch Vivian, Still Here

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